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Sample data suggestions

Is there something we should add to the sample data? Suggest it here. Please include as much of the info covered in the sample data spreadsheet as you can. Please do not disclose addresses, emails, or phone numbers unless they are commercial and publicly available, or your own that you're willing to make public.

The sample data includes:

-tech startups and other tech-based companies
-freelance tech talent
-co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators
-tech investors operating in Harlem
-tech events, meetups, and hackathons taking place in Harlem


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    Will you be judged by the sample data? For instance, if I use some of the sample data provided but not all of it, or some content is pulled from the Silicon Harlem site, will that affect the submission?

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    Hi Shajah,

    The sample data is provided to give you an example of some of the Harlem resources you might want to highlight in your site. You are not required to use it. The judging criteria are:

    (i) Creativity & Originality of Idea: (Includes the extent to which your application includes a creative and original approach to highlighting Harlem's tech community);

    (ii) Execution and User Experience: (Includes how well your application was executed, the quality of the user experience, and the extent to which it includes a clean aesthetic); and

    (iii) Potential Impact & Sustainability: (Includes the potential of your application to become the go to guide for Harlem tech, and the extent to which it can be sustained as a community owned open source site with community generated content).


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